We have already provided financial support to 303 affected families
whose houses were damaged and destroyed.

Please, see their locations on the map below with the pictures.


I am very thankful to the charity foundation ‘Successful Ukraine’ in particular to Ihor Shevhcenko for the relief aid and moral support as well as financial support in these troubling times of me and my family. I wish you a good health and peaceful times. With respect and thankfulness.

Haponenko Ollha Hostomel

Many thanks to #HelpBucha project for provided aid. It’s a good thing that such projects exist and help people in need.

Krushynskyi Oleksandr Bucha

Дуже вдячна вашому проєкту за допомогу!

Ляшенко Валентина Hostomel

Дуже велике дякую за підтримку. Спасибо большое вам, вы молодцы

Рубан Тетяна Hostomel

Спасибо большое вам, вы молодцы

Тимофєєв Євген Hostomel

Дякую велике, волонтерам проєкту HelpBucha, дуже швидко відгукнулись на допомогу. Приємні люди, щиро вам вдячна!

Генилюк Наталія Буча